How do I apply for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in British Columbia?

British Columbia’s provincial nominee program (BCPNP) is a high demand immigration pathway  for skilled and semi skilled workers, healthcare workers, post graduates, and entrepreneurs to achieve permanent residency in the province of British Columbia. The purpose of the Provincial Nominee Program is to improve the economic growth of the Canadian province. The economic success of BC relies on bringing qualified and experienced individuals to meet the requirements of the labor market.

The BCPNP consists of numerous immigration categories that are divided into the following streams:

  1. Skills Immigration
  2. Express Entry
  3. Entrepreneur Immigration

Due to the broad nature of programs and eligibility requirements, it is highly encouraged you seek an experienced legal expert to determine what program you’re eligible for. 

What is the British Columbia Skills Immigration Stream?

The BC skills Immigration (SI) stream is aimed towards healthcare professionals, graduates, skilled and semi-skilled workers in B.C who can demonstrate the necessary experience in their field of expertise or have the necessary skills and credentials to fulfill a job position being offered.

The following skilled immigration stream consist of the following categories:

  • 1. Skilled Worker
  • 2. Healthcare Professional
  • 3. International Post Graduate
  • 4. International Graduate
  • 5. Entry-level and Semi-Skilled Worker

Each category above offers their own eligibility criteria and will need to be assessed by a professional advisor well versed in the BC program guidelines.

Do I require a valid job offer to be eligible for the BC Skills Immigration stream? 

Yes – except if you are applying under the International Post-Graduate category.

I have a BC job offer. What skill level is valid to apply under the Skills Immigration Stream?

It depends on the category. Occupations in the NOC skill level 0, A, B and in some cases C and D may be eligible. 

What is the British Columbia Express Entry Stream?

The Express Entry BC stream connects to the Federal Express Entry platform. BC offers this stream as a faster way for skilled workers to obtain their permanent residence in Canada. To qualify, an applicant must meet the minimum criteria for the Express Entry program they are eligible for. At the same time, they must remain eligible under the BCPNP category they are applying. 

The express entry (EE) stream is divided into the categories below:

  1. EEBC Skilled worker
  2. EEBC International Graduate
  3. EEBC international Post Graduate
  4. EEBC Healthcare Professional

What is the main benefit to apply under the Express Entry BC stream?

If eligible, you can complete your application online – using an electronic application process (not paper) that encourages faster processing times.

What are possible factors that prevent you from applying under the Express Entry stream?

You are required to meet the minimum criteria for one of IRCC’s express entry programs, including having the minimum skilled work experience, language results and settlement funds – if applicable.

BC Entrepreneur Immigration

The entrepreneur immigration of British Columbia is a pathway for experienced entrepreneurs who can work towards innovation and offer economic growth in the province. This stream provides permanent residence for experienced business people who can establish themselves in B.C.

The BC Entrepreneur Immigration stream is further divided into different categories:

  1. Regional Pilot
  2. Base Category
  3. Strategic Projects

Once again, each category has its own requirements to be met.

What are some of the “personal” requirements for the EI – Base Category?

If you’re prepared to invest in and actively manage a BC business, you may be eligible for this category. At a quick glance, some of the applicant requirements include proving a personal net worth of at least 600,000 CAD, demonstrate proper business/managerial experience and meet a minimum language requirement. 

What is a key element of the EI – Regional Pilot?

Unlike the EI – Base Category, the regional pilot’s intent is to work with small regional communities in BC to support economic development. You must still meet basic eligibility such as (but not limited to) a minimum personal net worth of at least 300,000 CAD and demonstrate the ability to manage a business. 

What is the EI – Strategic Projects?

This category is for foreign corporations that intend to implement a subsidiary or branch in BC that integrates the growth and expansion of their business. At a quick glance, the foreign corporation must be in good financial standing and provide economic benefit to BC by it’s investment.

How do I start the BCPNP process?

Given the numerous streams, programs and eligibility standards, it may be extremely difficult to navigate the PNP streams and categories yourself.  Therefore, hiring a representative to take care of the process for you may be in your best interest.

If you have any questions or would like a consultation on your eligibility please contact us.