Before proceeding, you must have a Canadian employer who is willing to hire you as a caregiver.

Canada’s Caregiver Program is a great way to bring applicants from all over the world to provide care to those in one of the following categories;

•    children
•    disabilities, or
•    elderly

As of late 2014, there is no requirement for qualified caregivers to be living in-home with their employer. This offers the flexibility desired by a lot of caregivers to be able to live where they want without the need to live with a potentially abusive or aggravating employer.

There is even more opportunity for caregivers to apply for permanent residency - caregivers who are working in certain health-related occupations Are Now Eligible.

Occupations include:

  • Registered Nurses

  • Nurse Aids

  • Home Support workers

You are qualified to come to Canada as a caregiver if you have completed a high school education equivalent to a Canadian school and have met the appropriate training, education credentials or related work experience to provide care for your Canadian employer. Before proceeding, you must have a Canadian employer who is willing to hire you.

In addition, you must;

•    be able to speak basic English or French
•    have an employment contract
•    have a work permit

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