Can my spouse, who is a Canadian citizen, sponsor my application while we are outside of Canada?

Yes, you and your sponsor can be living inside or outside of Canada for the application - but the sponsor must be a Canadian citizen.

Can my spouse, who is a permanent resident, sponsor me?

Yes - but your sponsor must be living inside Canada if he or she is a permanent resident.

Are there special rules for common-law couples?

In addition to living common law for one year, you must be able to document and provide proof that you have been living together for at least a year.

Does my sponsor have to meet income requirements?

There are no specific income requirements. However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires financial information to confirm that you will not need public assistance [welfare] when you arrive in Canada. Unless it is because of a disability, you cannot sponsor if you are on public assistance.

Are there different rules for same sex couples?

No - the rules are the same whether you are in an opposite sex or same sex relationship.

If my Canadian partner is on a disability pension - can he or she sponsor me?

Yes, assuming that the other criteria are met.

If my sponsor has a criminal conviction can he or she sponsor me?

It depends on the offence. We need to know more about your sponsor's situation.

Which is better - to have my application submitted in Canada or have it done at a visa office outside of Canada?

It depends on individual circumstances - for example if there is the possibility of a refusal then the application would usually be done outside of Canada. Sponsors cannot appeal an 'in-Canada' application, whereas a sponsor can appeal the refusal of an application submitted outside of Canada. There are often other factors to consider that are specific to a couple's needs.

I require a visitor's visa to get to Canada. Should I apply and have my application dealt with from within Canada?

Most visa officers will refuse a visitor's visa given this set of circumstances. It depends on both your circumstances and the visa officer reviewing your application.

I have some health problems - is there a danger that I could be refused permanent residence because of this?

Spouses and dependant children are exempt from the demand factors - so most health problems of spouses are not an issue. However if you have a 'communicable' disease, you may be inadmissible. Our experience is that this is rare.

If my application was submitted as an in-Canada application, can I leave Canada while the application is being worked on by Citizenship and Immigration Canada?

Short absences are not usually an issue [unless you need a visitor's visa to return to Canada]. Longer absences can raise the question of whether you are 'cohabiting' which is a requirement for in-Canada applications.

Are there situations where you charge more?

There are some situations where we charge extra. For example, if the person immigrating had previous arrests or spent time in jail. We also charge extra if your partner has children where custody of the children is not clear or if your partner is a non-custodial parent but the child or children must be examined by Immigration Canada through a visa office.

How long will it take?

Processing times vary. In Canada the process will often take approximately 12 months, provided there are no issues with an application. Incomplete applications will cause delays. Beware of unethical firms that make big promises - but do not deliver. These time frames are based in Citizenship and Immigration Canada published material and our experience.

What issues can complicate my application?

Insufficient information regarding a relationship, previous attempts to immigrate, previous negative experience with Immigration, previous marriages where custody issues are unresolved, non payment of maintenance orders and serious health problems are a few examples.

Do I have to pass medicals?

You must take medicals - Immigration is concerned if you have a communicable disease.

Our fee includes advising you on necessary documents, preparing your sponsorship and application for permanent residence and advising you about what to expect from the process.

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