Do you have the right to apply for Citizenship?

With the changing laws surrounding Canada’s Citizenship Act, you may already be a Canadian citizen

Depending on your situation, you may already have a right to apply for Canadian citizenship. If it is determined you meet eligibility, you must still put forth an application.

Who may apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate?

You may be eligible if you meet one of the following scenarios

  • were born outside of Canada and your biological parent was born in Canada or was naturalized before you were born
  • think you’re a Canadian citizen if the above scenario is not applicable

You can also apply if you lost your Canadian citizenship card. 

Given the complexities of the Citizenship Act, it is encouraged to seek a legal representative if you believe you may already be a Canadian citizen.

How do I start an application? 
We’re your first step in starting a citizenship application.  Complete an eligibility assessment here