New Super Visa Option for Entry to Canada

Uncertainty of the Canadian Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program (PGP) and the Super Visa Option.

It is common knowledge that a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada may be able to sponsor their parents or grandparents to come to Canada as permanent residents. However, In early 2019 the federal parent and grandparent sponsorship program underwent changes that include a first-come, first-serve intake approach where the sponsors interested in sponsoring were required to complete a quick online form.  For those who submit a “request to sponsor form” when the program opens, Immigration Canada will invite only the first forms (in the order they were received) to submit a permanent residence application. Back in January 2019, this window of opportunity for many Canadians did a disservice to those who were unable to submit their form in time [just 10 minutes to be exact] before the program reached its capacity. Currently, Immigration Canada has a limited threshold for how many parents and grandparents can come to Canada; the number likely remaining around 20,000 applications annually. It remains unknown as to when the PGP will open in 2020 and what exactly the process will entail. More information about the upcoming launch date and intake process will (hopefully) be available later this year.

Given the current pause of the program, until it opens again, we want to focus your attention on an alternative, fast and temporary option to bring your parents to Canada. This option is known as the: Super Visa.

What is a Super Visa?

A super-visa allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to bring their parent or grandparent(s) to Canada to visit them for up to 2 years at a time without the need to renew their status. It’s a multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries for a period up to 10 years. The super-visa is different than the regular visitor visa which only allows a person to stay in Canada for up to 6 months at a time. Visitors (regardless if they require a visa to come to Canada or not) who wish to stay longer must apply for an extension and pay a new fee or leave Canada.

I want to bring my Parents to Canada on a Super Visa, What do I Need?

This depends on a few factors. Keep in mind that it’s your parents or grandparents making the application. You (as the child or grandchild) must already be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to invite your overseas parents or grandparents for a long-term stay. In addition, you must include some of these documents with their application;

  1. Invitation Letter that details your contact information, household, income and reasons why you want to invite your parents or grandparents to Canada and a promise to take care of them financially. IRCC has specific guidelines on how this letter should be written.
  2. Notice of Assessment and/or other financial documents that show you meet a minimum income level requirement (MNI). This income will differ depending on the number of people in your current household, including your inviting parent(s). Therefore, the number goes up if you have more people living with you.
  3. Medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. It is critical insurance covers the applicant for health care, hospitalization and repatriation; provides a minimum of $100,000 coverage and is valid for each entry to Canada.
  4. Proof of a parent/grandparent relationship, such as a birth certificate.

What do my Parents Need to Do?

As with any visitor to Canada, It is important that they show a genuine purpose of visit and will leave at the end of their stay. Proof can include ties they will return to their home country, ownership of property, job, finances and family ties. Unlike a regular visitor visa, it is important for them to include the following;

An upfront medical exam performed by a CIC panel physician to include with their application. 

As with all foreign nationals, they must be admissible to Canada. An immigration lawyer or consultant can determine whether or not there will be any admissibility concerns prior to starting an application.

How Long will a Super Visa take to Process?

This depends on the Canadian visa office where the visa application will be sent. Every country has different processing times. Some take weeks, while others may take months. Keep in mind that compiling a super visa application can add weeks to your overall processing time.

Super Visa Brings Families Together

A super visa is a great option for almost any child and grandchild wanting to bring their loved ones to Canada. With the uncertainty of the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship application process opening in 2020 and in the next coming years, we highly recommend the super visa as your trusted route for a faster way for parents and grandparents to come together. If you have any further questions about Super Visas, please get in touch, call +1 (604) 265-4966 or email.