Bring your loved ones to Canada

If you’re a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or registered under the Canadian Indian Act and interested in bringing an overseas spouse or common-law partner to Canada you may be eligible to apply for a sponsorship application.

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident planning to marry or already married and want to sponsor your spouse to Canada New Roots Immigration specialize in the Canadian Spousal sponsorship process which is complex and heavily involved.

Sponsor a Common Law Partner

If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident that has lived continuously with your conjugal partner for a period of at least twelve months (or one year) and want to sponsor your partner to Canada, New Roots Immigration specialize in helping you sponsor your Common Law Partner.

Sponsorship FAQs

Who can apply for a Sponsorship application in Canada?

A person who is either a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or registered as a Canadian Indian under the Canadian Indian Act can apply for a Sponsorship Application if he/she plans to bring his/her Spouse or Common Law Partner to Canada from overseas.

How do you differentiate between Spouse and Common-Law partner?

A spouse is a partner who has already obtained a marriage certificate and both parties are legally married to each other. The marriage certificate does not need to be from Canada. A common-law partner is a person who has lived with you in a conjugal fashion for a prerequisite period of time. It must be a marriage-like relationship but no legal marriage has taken place. The prerequisite time period is 12 consecutive months.

How long will it take to obtain sponsorship approval in Canada?

This depends. The publicly available processing times for applications for spousal/common-law partner sponsorship states an average of 12 months. Processing times can update. The exact time required varies from application to application.

Is a job offer mandatory to apply for sponsorship to Canada?

A job offer is not mandatory to apply for sponsorship. However, it is recommended that the sponsor have a job position at time of filing. If not, other documentation is required.

Who can sponsor his/her Spouse or Common-Law partner for Canadian Immigration?

The sponsor must be at least 18 years of age
The sponsor must be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian act
The sponsor must prove eligibility such as that he/she is not a recipient of social assistance for reasons other than disability

Can a person apply for sponsorship if he/she is a permanent resident living outside Canada?

No. One cannot sponsor somebody if he/she is a permanent resident living outside Canada. If the sponsor is a Canadian Citizen living outside Canada, he/she must specifically prove that he/she will be living in Canada when the spouse or common-law partner becomes a permanent resident in Canada.

What are some other important points to be noted about sponsorship to Canada?

Applicants who reside in Quebec must satisfy Quebec’s additional requirements for sponsorship
When a person is sponsored by a spouse or partner, he/she cannot be a sponsor himself/herself for 5 years after becoming a permanent resident [5 year sponsorship bar]
The person who sponsors his/her spouse or common law partner is financially responsible for the person sponsored for 3 years after the sponsored person becomes a permanent resident
The spouse or common-law partner sponsored by the sponsor must be in a genuine relationship and remain in a genuine relationship through out the process. They should not have entered in to the relationship just for the purpose of obtaining immigrant status in Canada.