Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

A sponsorship is an intimidating and time consuming process that can involve hundreds of pages of forms, documents and relationship evidence. Let New Roots Immigration take care of the process for you!

If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident planning to marry or already married and want to sponsor your spouse to Canada, we specialize with the sponsorship process. Sponsorship applications are complex and heavily involved –  requiring plenty of forms, documentation and proof of relationship. Compiling a thoroughly documented application can take weeks or months of preparation. Hiring an immigration representative can take care of your application for you!

A spousal sponsorship can be either ‘inland’ or ‘outland’ and meeting the eligibility requirements can be determined by an immigration expert. In some cases, your spouse may qualify for an open work permit.

How do I start the Spousal Sponsorship process? 

We’re your first step in starting a citizenship application.  Complete an eligibility assessment.


If you’re married, whom can you sponsor?

If you are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada or a Registered Indian under the Canadian Indian Rules and at least 18 years of age, you can sponsor
1. Your spouse who lives with you in Canada
2. Your spouse who lives overseas

If you are applying for an in-Canada spousal sponsorship, can your spouse apply for an Open Work Permit?

Yes. Your spouse (or common-law partner) may be eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit if they are living with you inside Canada. You can include an open work permit application with your spousal sponsorship. Certain conditions apply.

What are the obligations of the sponsor?

When you sponsor your spouse you are required to sign an undertaking according to which you will provide financial support to meet the basic needs of your spouse and his/her dependent children, if applicable.

What are included in the basic needs?

1. Food, clothing, shelter and other needs for day-to-day living
2. Dental care, eye care and other health needs which are not covered by public health services

An undertaking is a binding promise of support. The undertaking will stay in effect throughout the period of the undertaking, irrespective of any changes that occur in the sponsor’s situation. The undertaking cannot be cancelled under any circumstance, such as separation or divorce.

Can a sponsor cancel the undertaking after it is approved?

Absolutely not. If the sponsor wishes to cancel the undertaking, he/she must submit a letter as an attachment through the IRCC Webform prior to an approval. The decision whether or not to cancel a sponsorship in process is made by Immigration Canada. The sponsor cannot cancel the undertaking if the application is approved.

What will be the length of the spousal undertaking?

The length of the undertaking will be 3 years from the day the spouse becomes a permanent resident of Canada.

Can your spouse (the applicant) get social assistance from the government during the period of your undertaking?

Absolutely not! Your sponsored spouse cannot take any form of social assistance from the government during the period of the sponsorship undertaking. The sponsor will be in default if the sponsored spouse gets social assistance from the Canadian government while the undertaking is in effect.

Under which class of application can one sponsor a spouse?

The person who wants to sponsor his/her spouse may apply either under the Family Class or under the Spouse or Common Law Partner in Canada Class.

What documents are required to sponsor spouse in Canada?

It’s essential that the sponsor include a valid marriage certificate with the application. Of course, many documents apply with your sponsorship application but the legality of meeting the definition of “spouse” is determined by a legal marriage certificate in addition with relationship evidence.